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For Home Care Recipients

The National Registry of Home Health Care (NRHHC), the leading national consumer information repository, tracks and monitors the activities of home care providers, including incident reports and other key information, to foster industry and provider accountability to consumers.
Benefits to recipients include:

  • In-depth profiles for consumers on verified network members to save patients and their families time and trouble.

    • Vital statistics on specific providers and their care providers  

    • Incident reports

    • One central location to find reputable providers in the local area 

  • Decision support tools to help consumers confidently select caregivers and providers

    • Proprietary rating system using industry standards and benchmarks.

    • Industry provider endorsements, complaints and feedback for each provider.

  • Enhanced communications between member providers and patients to increase accountability and thereby improve care

    • Client feedback

    • Complaints resolution

    • Email communications

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