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Benefits of becoming a CredentialedCARE network member:

• Save time, money and resources when hiring care providers.

• User-friendly pass-fail results which eliminate the need for interpretation and minimize hiring mistakes. Results in 3-7 days.

• Gain the competitive edge with proprietary credentialing methods providing clients with evidence of your staff’s background, education and training.

• Ensure providers are meeting or exceeding state requirements.

• CCC will monitor state regulations for changes during the implementation of Health Care Reform.

• Earn credibility and consumer trust by giving consumers peace of mind that the care providers have ongoing monitoring.

• Streamline your marketing and human resources process with easy “one-stop-shopping,” saving time and hassle of working with multiple vendors.

• Improve workflow and client communications through effective worker management tools to monitor client interactions.

• Grow your business.

• Membership kit with certificates, brochures, co-branded identification badges, decals and the Seal of Distinction.

• Build your brand and increase your visibility.

• Expand your network via CredentialedCARE’s network, partners, affiliates and web presence.

• Differentiation from the competition giving you a sustainable competitive advantage in your community.

• Market your services through new channels, providing company and employee profiles to build the brand while cutting marketing costs.

• Apply the latest technology to fight identity theft, stop fraud and protect personal information.

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