CredentialedCARE membership assures consumers that a trustworthy, credentialed professional will care for them. Members receive the prestigious CredentialedCARE seal, which engenders credibility, trust and peace of mind and spurs consumers to select you as their caregiver.

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 The monthly membership fee covers ongoing monitoring of credentials status, complaint resolution, online education and training resources, membership kit, including ID badge, marketing materials, online marketing of agency and workers and free leads and referrals. 

All of this for a low monthly rate

Member benefits include:

Saves time, money and resources

  • CredentialedCARE takes the hassles out of screening new hires and performing regular checks on your workers. No more checking on background and licensing or searching your state nurse registries before hiring workers. We do that for you and we perform a manual check  of the  report to determine eligibility of the worker for the job.

  • The CredentialedCARE verification process is a one-time only fee. The fees for organizations and individuals are explained here.

CredentialedCARE credentialing program helps gain and sustain business

  • Unique and proprietary CredentialedCARE credentialing methods provide clients with evidence of your staff’s skills, history and services

  • The program improves workflow processes and client communications.

  • Marketing differentiation and branding increases credibility and consumer trust

Access to referrals and inquiries

  • No charge for Leads and Referrals which are included in the monthly subscription fee explained here.

  • Higher sales and prospect conversion rates

  • Private pay patients and insured clients

  • Access to potential clients via our network, partners, affiliates and the web

  • Benefits from national visibility through our various industry channels such as CredentialedCARE Finder, the industry’s leading national information repository

Competitive differentiation

  • The CredentialedCARE Seal offers a distinct competitive advantage because it is widely recognized as the industry standard

  • A membership kit that includes

    • Plaque

    • Certificate

    • Employee ID badges

    • Decals

    • Membership cards

    • Educational brochures

    • Seal of distinction

    • Pledge

    • Online referrals and leads

  • Increased visibility through collective branding from strength in numbers, which exhibits a demonstrable commitment by members to their clients

National standards development

  • Active leaders in creating a new industry standard to reduce variations in state-to-state regulations governing the certification and pre-employment screening of Personal Care Aides (PCAs), Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs) and Home Health Aides (HHAs)

  • CredentialedCARE partners with CredentialedCARE Finder, which maintains a national file on every provider in its database to give providers and consumers access to reports and vital statistics on specific providers

Compliance and Licensing

  • Meets or exceeds most state regulations for the certification and employment of PCAs and CNAs


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