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We are creating video tours for the various steps involved in becoming a CredentialedCARE member provider.

Complete a few simple steps to start the verification process.
Patients are looking for providers they can trust. Join us today.

1 Video Overview Image array

View the CredentialedCARE Overview video here

2 Account Setup Image array

Setting up your account is easy!

3 Get Verified Image array

Flow Chart of the Verification Process.

4 Verification Approval Image array

CredentialedCARE has developed a unique and comprehensive system of database checks and primary source verification services which are designed to help LTC providers exhibit their competence and trustworthiness.

5 Creating a Profile Image array

A detailed profile will get more attention from the consumer looking for LTC services for themselves or a loved one. Additional detail about your background, services and operations will instill greater confidence and garner more

6 Searching In-Network Providers Image array

Consumers will locate you because they want a CredentialedCARE provider.