Consumers want to make informed choices about their care providers and those providers want to substantiate the quality of their services to the consumer. Our mission is simple: to work tirelessly for Long-term Care that benefits everyone.

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CredentialedCARE is dedicated to helping consumers and providers of long-term care services.

  • CredentialedCARE works to provide independent verification for our network providers while giving the consumer the  resources needed to  locate, hire and interact with these providers.


  • Our goal is to help consumers select providers they can trust. For the many thousands of individuals and businesses in the long term care industry who are committed to the highest standards of care and efforts to constantly improve the quality of their services,


  • CredentialedCARE is also dedicated to helping them promote, market and grow their business.


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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