CredentialedCARE is dedicated to helping consumers make informed choices about their care providers while supplying the tools for providers to make their information accessible to clients.

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CredentialedCARE has created initiatives to help providers and consumers work together for a better long-term care system that benefits everyone.


  • CredentialedCARE is committed to solving the problem created by the lack of reliable information about care providers and the challenges faced by an inefficient delivery system.


  • CredentialedCARE is the leading verification company focused on creating a national network of credentialed and prescreened long term care providers. To join the network, providers must meet rigorous standards and provide critical information about their staff and their operations.


  • CredentialedCARE membership gives providers a way to demonstrate their commitment to delivering high-quality care.


  • CredentialedCARE Finder will launch late this year and will be a repository of information about long-term care providers. The site maintains a database of features, facts, services, interactive tools and vital statistics that demonstrate how well providers are doing in delivering long-term care services.
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