A growing number of the disabled and seniors rely on care providers to help maintain their quality of life. Providers need a means of substantiating their level of services then communicating that to clients because families have very few ways of knowing who is capable of delivering high-quality care for their loved ones.

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For Providers

For those serving the needs of long-term care recipients, their time and attention needs to be focused on their clients and not on the myriad duties required to hire and manage their workers. CredentialedCARE eases the headaches of qualifying and hiring health care workers while also helping market the long-term care employer and their workers to the consumers who need their care.


For Consumers

Unfortunately, families often have no way of knowing if a care provider they select is really capable of delivering the high-quality care their loved ones need. Before they hire a provider, families need an independent method of verification, a way to make sure that their loved ones will receive the care they deserve. And the providers need a means to substantiate the excellent services they convey to their clients. With CredentialedCARE, consumers have unprecedented visibility into the providers' business and background while the provider can establish the quality of their care - truly a win-win for  everyone.

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